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Friday, May 31

EDITORIAL: Pinballz is addictive - Sammual (webmaster)

When I started playing this game I thought, well I have seen Pinball games in the past they have been quite good all ran well on the Palm, what will this have that will be any different. How wrong I was. This is the real article. It runs well, smooth and effective. I was addicted after ten minutes. It takes little time to get to grips with. It even had me tilting my Palm to take effect of the rolling ball, which by the way the game includes a tilting option. I could and have played this game for hours and is genuinely a brilliant and addictive game brought to you by Jason Goldman, who has a wide selection of excellent games and has got creating games of to an art.

There is even support for Greyscale PalmOS 3.0 or above and the game is priced at a $12.95, well deserving I think, and can be downloaded from Palmgear.

IN THE NEWS: We start with an article by May Wong, which I picked up in the South Florida Sun Sentinal. reporting that Palm shares were down by nearly 30 percent yesterday due to their announcement that revenues for the current quarter will be lower than expected. ClieWorld takes a look at a new smart Clie case, news on an update from Action Names and XIINO a web browser. PalmInfocenter, gives a quick round up of a small number of program releases / updates and news on Electric Pocket's new application, Pixer. As we say everyday always ensure that you get the best in news by referring to these great websites.

EDITORIAL: A look at ZFrame - Andrew Wolstenholme

I just wanted to comment on ZFrame. Now surprisingly not many people have heard of this email client they have been rather low key, but it's an alternative to other browsers on the m,market. ZFrame allows you to download the web page as it would normally be on a PC, you can zoom in to get a good close up of the detail, scroll down the page as normal. I managed to be able to read all my MSN Hotmail at the same time, which sold the package to me. It's not perfect, it can be a little slow every now and again and it caused my Palm to crash on one occasion however potentially it should be a good product. On the other hand it also allows you to read your own POP3 email, and 'view' any attachments included. Actually the email client works fast, I was impressed with this feature. Remember ZFrame is beta so do not expect the World, however as I mentioned, potentially this is going to be a good browser once they make it a little more stable, it has good features and should be a winner.

EDITORIAL: Keep up to date with the Football league - Sammual (webmaster)

Thanks to Jane Fothergill for the information. Football fans who want to keep up to date with the World Cup manually can do so with this application Football+Plus. Its main purpose is to provide Football (Soccer) fans with up to date information about the League that they follow and the particular team that they are interested in. It allows the user to update results themselves and view the current League positions. There is even a good little World Cup database. Click here to get the download from Palmgear.

EDITORIAL: 48 Hours into my new Treo 180 - Sammual (webmaster)
OK, well I have been using my Treo 180 for just 48 hours and I must admit I am enjoying using it. The screen size of the Treo seems smaller than any other Palm that I have used. The keyboard takes a little getting used to but previously I had used a Thumbpad with my 505. Do I miss color? Well the answer to that is no, I really do not I am quite happy with the grey screen. I also like the Treo Mail application, it's the closest thing to having your email pushed to your device, on the same lines as the i705, not quite as live as the i705 but close enough for me. I have downloaded all my favorite programs onto my Treo. The screen size doesn't really bother me either. However I would say that the Treo is a lot lighter than what I expected it to be and it seems to carry in my pocket with the greatest of ease. Almost 48 hours and I personally think that this Treo is the best PDA, that I have ever used, however I will be the first to tell you if my opinions change and I will let you know of my continued progress.
SITE NEWS: More links added taking it to 234 links - Sammual (webmaster)
We have added industry reviews on the Treo range to our links list which now contains 243 Palm related links. As ever our links page can be found by clicking on the links mention to the left of the page or by clicking here.
WEBSITE: Pen Computing review of the Treo 90 - Sidonie Harding

Pen computing are quick of the mark with their review of the Treo 90. It's a good review, what we have come to expect from Pen Computing, in fairness it gives the Treo 90 a good write up.

EDITORIAL: Eudora as a email client - Sammual (webmaster)

I have been meaning to talk to you about Eudora email for a couple of days now, however time had got the better of me. Firstly Eudora is free, it's a great email client that seems to be favored by a great deal of people and it comes as part of a 'internet suite' although personally I have not used the web browser myself. The layout in my opinion is basic, simple but easy to configure and read. Emails are downloaded quickly, and can be filed if necessary, especially if you wish to keep mail for future reference. Importantly you can add signatures to your messages when required. However most of all as I said the display is a real treat to look at, and in conclusion if your looking for a email client that although does not support attachments is simple to use and is a pleasure to look at then Eudora is the one. You can download Eudora from Palmgear.

IN THE NEWS: PalmInfocenter looks at Palm's expected quarter loss. ClieWorld looks at the new Sony T650C, plus news on a postcode utility program for the UK. Meanwhile Palmloyal talks about the new Sony CLIE PEG-T650C hitting Japan. As we say everyday always ensure that you get the best in news by referring to these great websites.
NEWS: Palm cuts its outlook for the current quarter - Sammual (webmaster)
Some bad news for Palm today as the company cuts its outlook for the current quarter, saying it would report a loss with revenues lagging its target by as much as 23 percent because spring demand had not materialized as expected. Palm announced announced that fourth-quarter revenue will be approximately $230 million, compared with the previously expected $290 million to $300 million. In addition, the company said it will not meet its breakeven profitability expectations for the current quarter, which ends May 31, 2002. Despite a downturn in demand for handheld computers along with other technology products, Palm still expects to report operational performance in line with prior guidance. In addition, the share for Palm(TM) branded and Palm Powered(TM) handhelds in U.S. retail both grew over the last three months, and according to first-quarter 2002 worldwide data, both Palm branded device and Palm OS(R) share are holding steady.

NEWS:World Cup watch on your Sony Clie - Sammual (webmaster)

OK, well today is the day. The World Cup starts here. Lets place bets down now shall we? England of course.......Anyway lets not get into a debate, needless to say that Watch 1.0 has been released it's a clock interface designed to work on Sony Clie Hi-Res Palm devices. There will be versions for other Palm handhelds in the near future. Get the download for $5.95 from Palmgear.

USER THOUGHT: Palm should listen to it's users if it wants continued success - Will Dixon
I think that if Palm wants to make more money, and no that it is not at the moment, it needs to innovate to continue with it's lead share and not just fall back on developers. Other Palm hardware manufactures will overtake Palm's innovation. Sony is innovating with its NR70, Handspring and demonstrating that it's Treo range will be hit sellers. Palm may have introduced the i705 amd m515, however that is not enough. We need to see more from Palm, in order for it to continue to innovate and continue to lead it needs to give us Palm users more, if not we are going to migrate to other Palm powered devices and lets face it, at the present time, they are equally if not more appealing.
THOUGHT: Where have all the batteries gone? - Sidonie Harding

batteries from Battery House

Yes, where have all the AAA batteries gone? I remember a time when my Palm was rather drained where one could simply purchase a packet and insert them into your Palm. However there are very few Palm powered handhelds that offer this ability and to be honest it can be frustrating. Palm PDA's are a lot slimmer these days, and I am not complaining. However its frustrating when you have not checked your Palm and you hit the road for a long journey or an alternative is when you go on that long weekend trip away, and what's the thing you forgot to do? Yes check the battery length on your Palm, and believe me I have been there. I will be looking at what alternatives there are over the forthcoming week or so, but in the meantime remember to charge before you travel and even better take a travel adaptor if your going away for the weekend.

Thursday, May 30
NEWS: Treo 90 appears in the New York Times - Sammual (webmaster)

Still in the NY Times, Stephem Miller talks about the new Treo 90, although he really does not give an opinion as it tends to cover many of the basics.

NEWS: David Pogue in the NY Times discusses the release of Treo handhelds - Sammual (webmaster)
David Pogue in the New York Times writes about Handsprings new launch of Treo's. Regular readers of my site know that David is one of my favourite journalists. His writing always makes for a good read.
NEWS: Tiger Woods comes to Palm - Jason Stewart

Love or loath Golf you have to admit that Tiger Woods is the best.....ok, lets not get into a debate, needless to say, that you can now play a brilliant game of golf on your Palm. Features to this game include: Stroke Play, THE SKINS GAME, Match Play, and more. Choose from Tiger Woods himself to Justin Leonard, Mark O'Meara, and more. Play against the best pros or partner up with your favorite pro. Play at the Badlands Golf Club or the Las Vegas Country Club, world's best courses for you to choose. To download and get more information then visit Palmgear.

SITE NEWS: PDA Buyers Guide - Sammual (webmaster)

PDA Buyers Guide is a good site that I checked on today. It provides a wealth of information, and reviews and is worth checking out. Keep up the good work guys. I especially enjoyed the reviews of the Palm handheld computers. Check out their site, they have just added a review of the Palm Tiger Woods game. I will be updating them in the links tomorrow.

IN THE NEWS: PalmInfocenter has a round up of Palm news including news on 10 levels for a Palm lemmings game. Marks Palm Place talks about a great new Solar charger for your Palm whilst Clieworld has some good information including, A new T series keyboard for Clie models, and news on the new Sony T650C. As we say everyday always ensure that you get the best in news by referring to these great websites.
THOUGHT: My temporary Treo 180 - Sammual (webmaster)

Well a spot of luck, well common sense actually. A friend of mine runs a PC Communications business, selling mobile phones and PDA's he received a 'return' Treo 180 from someone who could not get to grips with it unfortunately. Well fortunately for me I am using it as we speak as my new temporary PDA. I say temporary as I wish to trial it before I make up my mind and purchase the 270. So I will try it out for a week or so, and get to grips with the Treo communicator. I have only just picked it up within the last half an hour, it's on charge and I will have fun with it as the day progresses. I will keep you all posted of my progress and opinions. Who knows I may just like it. Now all I have to do is transfer my Palm m505 data on to the Treo.

WEBSITE: Treo website - Sammual (webmaster)

Treo MB is a news and forum website that focus's on the Treo, and a good list of software. This will be a Treo site to keep an eye on.

USER THOUGHTS: Is the m125 really 'entry level' ?- Jude Jackson

As a m125 user, I believe that this model is what is called an entry level handheld. However how come it can perform complex operations such as organize my diary, sort my contacts, the ability to read ebook, act as an alarm, scribble my notes, edit word documents, check finances on my spreadsheet, play tetris all day long, check my emails from a multiple of accounts, check my hotmail, surf the web....is there anything it can not do? Oh yes make me dinner and go to work, that's all. Now then who says that this is only an 'entry level' organizer?

Wednesday, May 29
NEWS: Basic handheld organizers for people who want a few extra bells and whistles but don't want pay too much for them - Sammual (webmaster)
Pui - Wing Tam writes an excellent article which has appeared in the Wall St Journal and New Jersey Online, on the fact that basic Palm models have gotten better and now have better features.

"The moral: Most people want a device that serves their basic needs and looks good -- and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg."

Take a read of this one, click on the posting header above

USER THOUGHT: Back to Palm but now I'm going for the Treo 270 - Paul Kirby
I too have followed a similar path to Jon by going from an M505 to an Ipaq and back again. I was impressed by its looks and features like Video and MP3 playback but after just 2 months the novelty wore off and I found myself using only the features that a palm M505 could provide in a package that was a lot smaller and simpler to use. Whilst I congratulate Sony for their innovation in producing the NR70V I feel that if I bought one I would find myself in the same situation. For me the beauty of a Palm PDA is in its simplicity and portability and that is why I find the Handspring Treo 270 so appealing. So much so that I ordered one from their website last night! Shipping takes a week thought so I cant tell you anything about it yet but I hope this helps people like Sammual who are head scratching at the moment.

NEWS: New Clie is released in Japan - Andrew Wolstenholme

Clie is very anxious to keep it's Clie range as up to date as ever, which may be frusting for many Clie users, but is a welcome move anyway. The new CLIE PEG-T600 series contains a 66 MHz processor, and MP3 and ATRAC3 audio playback. The model will be available in Japan from June 8. Meanwhile click on the posting header to go to Sony's Japan website or here to read a good review on the Infosync website.

NEWS: SARCOM arms its sales reps with the i705 - Jason Stewart

Palm who is focusing more resources on the enterprise network is reporting that SARCOM Corp., a Columbus, Ohio-based solutions provider for Fortune 2000 companies, has equipped its sales representatives nationwide with Palm i705 handhelds to receive and respond to emails, and offer clients the most up-to-date information, such as purchase-order status, inventory and pricing. SARCOM sells technology products, including routers, printers and handhelds, and acts as a systems integrator for its customers.

SITE NEWS: Eagle eyed readers will see that when we talk about your Palm user stories we have changed the subject name from 'USER STORIES' to the new name 'USER THOUGHTS'. This is because your stories are more than just about experience as they also focus on your opinions and thoughts.
COMING TOMMOROW: More great user stories - Sammual (webmaster)
You know I have received lots of material from you guys and many thanks for it all. In fact keep it coming, email me here, and we will post it on the site. Tomorrow, Paul Kirby tells us why he came back from using a Compaq Pocket PC back to Palm and guess what his next new PDA will be, do not worry it's Palm powered. Jude Jackson a m125 user tells us why he thinks his Palm is more than 'entry level'. Lots of other content to post, I am just trying to edit it all accordingly. So in the meantime, best regards from the UK, and look forward to posting the wealth of stories and information that you guys have sent in to us.
USER THOUGHTS: A reformed Palm user - Jon Greening
It takes a clever and courages chap to admit that they have gone from using a Palm to a Pocket PC and back over to a Palm, but let me introduce myself I have been that person. However I do not regret it, using a Pocket PC, certainly made me learn a number of lessons, the main being that Palm is far superior to a Pocket PC, in the sense of the many thousands of applications that are available compared to the Pocket PC. I was happy at first with using the Pocket PC, however after a while I missed many of the older applications that were available. The Pocket PC platform certainly has some powerful features but it's the point that if you want to connect to the internet and retrieve your emails and like me your an avid user of bluetooth then trying to tackle using a Pocket PC is a lot more difficult than just slotting in a Palm bluetooth card. This was something that made me re-consider moving back to the Palm platform. I am really glad that I have returned and come back to the Palm platform. In my absence there have been so many developments and I am looking forward to the soon to be released OS5. I am the proud owner of a Palm 515 and I promise you one thing, I will not be returning to the world of Pocket PC 2002.
THOUGHT: So what shall I go for? The Treo or the Sony NR? - Sammual (webmaster)

I'm still undecided, however this time it's between the new Treo and the Sony NR handheld. The Treo looks like a beautiful color machine. I must point out that I am talking about the 270. Which is a Palm powered PDA and a mobile telephone. It's also small and lightweight, and for me the advantage of being able to connect to the internet and download my email without having to use a third part accessory such as bluetooth IR. Handspring has it's own email client which looks to be a good client. Multimail however is the email client that I tend to use. On the other hand I just love the extra screen size and the design of the Sony Clie NR model. It simply is a gorgeous machine and I like the added extra function of the keyboard. Well I simply cannot decide. I will wait to see a Treo in the flesh before I decide and then I will take it from there. Again, I will let you know both my thoughts and a decision.

IN THE NEWS: With the launch of the Handspring Treo duo yesterday, most of the Palm sites have been rather busy, ClieWorld covered the story in addition it talks of news that Launcher X, the long awaited replacement to Launcher III, is expected to be launched at the 'tail end' of June. Whilst PalmInfocenter also reports on the new Treo and development of Launcher X. Marks Palm Place also takes a look at Launcher X, and Wassup, the Today screen for Palm handhelds.
NEWS: Qvadis Launches Lexica, Dictionary Modules - Sammual (webmaster)

Qvadis Lexica is a powerful reference viewer and multilingual dictionary and translator, allowing fast search and translation of tens of thousands of keywords between English and French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, with other languages in preparation. The Lexica system consists of a free dictionary-style browser, and a set of user-selectable language modules, containing the databases for one-way and two-way translation.

The free Lexica browser is designed to the same Zen-like usability standard set by Express Reader, Qvadis' award-winning ebook reader. Lexica also boasts fast look-up, a configurable split-screen, support for color and grayscale devices, user-editable keywords and definitions, on-the-go handheld creation of new dictionaries, keyword-and-translation beaming, multiple dictionary support, and innovative data compression technology that makes the most of limited handheld memory.

You can get the download from Palmgear.

USER THOUGHTS: My thoughts on the Sony Clie NR70 - Bob Page

The Sony NR70 is extremely nice! I noticed that Sammual was debating whether to buy one. I too debated for a while but gave in and I do not regret it. The only thing that bothers me is the battery life: today I used it for a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes and I was down to 17% battery life from a full charge. My Handera 330, that is now at action on ebay, seemed to last for a week or two of similar use between battery changes. Oh, well that is the cost of such a cool unit I guess. I have ordered the cigarette lighter car charger and the 4 double AA battery charger which I will use with rechargeble batteries and thus equipped, I should not have to worry about getting stranded without any power.

NEWS: SanDisk launches flash memory expansion cards - Andrew Wolstenholme
SanDisk Corporation has introduced its first combination software, a flash memory expansion card for Palm OS devices, a 32 megabyte (MB) Secure Digital(SD) card pre-loaded with the popular BackupBuddy VFS software application from Blue Nomad Inc. The new software flash memory SD card will allow Palm OS devices with an SD slot, including the Handspring Treo 90, to easily backup, store and encrypt their data on the SD card with the touch of one button. You can read the full article from the allnetdevices website.
IN THE NEWS: Handspring Treo duo - Sammual (webmaster)
As I said yesterday, I wanted to let you know of sites that are devoting space to review and mention Handsprings new Treo range that has been announced this week. Sites that have stood out to me include:

Wired News
Ledger Enquirer
C/NET News
ZD Net
Additional ZDNet News piece
The Register
All Net Devices
New York Times

As soon as I see more reviews then I will update this posting so stay tuned..........

Tuesday, May 28
USER STORY: It's great to be undecided - Jill Thorpe
I'm undecided, there are a number of good Palm PDA's that are available now. The NR70 looks fantastic, I really do want that, but then the Treo from Handspring is both, small and neat. Blazer by the way the internet browser is powerful; and is my favorite internet application for Palm powered handhelds. Thanks guys for making my life more complicated ;-) But hey, we are going to kick Microsoft's butt!!!!!
USER STORY: The Treo is a handheld thats only 75% complete - Jeff Scoles
I would have liked to have seen more from Handsprings new Treo range for example they cannot run SD cards such as Palm Bluetooth. If only they were able to then I think that I would go out and purchase the Treo 90, its a nice machine. Handspring if your going to develop a new handheld, wait until its fully complete before coming out with a model that's 75% done.
USER STORY: Buy now or hang on? - Carry Heath
Ok, I am thinking that the new Handspring Treo 270 will be the one for me. I have been measuring up various PDA's including Pocket PC's however the new range of Palm powered PDA's seem to be the best in the market and look like they will beat Pocket PC's hands down. Wow, it's so thrilling being in the Palm powered camp at the moment. I', looking forward to seeing what's coming next. Should I buy now or hand on to see what Palm has to offer us.
COMING TOMMOROW: More decisions and your opinions - Sammual (webmaster)
Last entry of the day, and it's been a 'busy one' especially with news of Handsprings new models. I have received emails from you commenting, so I will be posting these tomorrow, in addition I have a review of Eudora email. Mmmmm and my next dilemma, should I go for the new Sony Clie NR, or the Handspring Treo 270. I'm going to be discussing my thoughts tomorrow. Anyway in the meantime, good night from the UK, look forward to waking up and receiving your many emails tomorrow morning.
THOUGHT: Basejet for an email client? - Andrew Wolstenholme

I'm experimenting with Basejet today, which is an alternative email client that is in beta at the moment.Not sure what I am doing with it. I think that despite it being in beta it should have a little more in the way of instructions, however I shall keep you posted on this one. Whether I think that it's going to be a serious contender to clients such as Multimail is yet to be determined, however we will see what happens, and I will keep you update you on my progress.

WEBSITE: The Australia Palm User Group - Andrew Wolstenholme
I am always on the lookout for Palm related websites. However this user group site caught my fancy. The Australia Palm group otherwise known as 'auspug' made for a real good read. Lots of good information to absorb, news views and comments and good all round information for Australian Palm users. It's also well designed, and put together. A real credit, so why not take a look at the site. We will also be adding this site to our links.
NEWS: New Treo's have arrived - Sammual (webmaster)

All I can say is look at these beauties.The above picture is the Treo 270 in all its glory. Yes it's a PDA and a mobile phone rolled into the one, and its beautiful. The screen is full color, and take a look at the keyboard, it's fully illuminated, now that is neat. I like the ability that you can stay in contact wherever you are as the phone is dual band. One of my favorite features is that it contains 16mb of memory. Here is a list of features, taken from the Handspring website detailing what the 270 offers, and to me it offers a lot.
Full color mobile phone, Dual-band world phone† , Integrated dialing from PhoneBook, Backlit keyboard, Improved battery life—up to 3 hours talk time, 150 hours standby time, Instant Lookup—find any name in a few keystrokes, Speed dialing, 3-way calling, Personal speakerphone, Headset jack and included headset, Call history, Vibrating and system sound mute modes, External ringer switch, GPRS upgradeable upon availability, Palm OS® organizer, 16 MB memory, One of the smallest Palm OS organizers yet, 12 bit color screen supports over 4000 colors to take full advantage of color-enabled applications, Use organizer functions even when wireless mode is off, Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, Fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, HotSync® cable included for USB synchronization with computer, Transfer existing Palm-Powered device data with one HotSync operation, Beam data and programs to other Palm OS organizers and communicators, Enhanced Handspring organizer applications (Date Book Plus, Advanced Calculator, PhoneBook, CityTime world clock).

This machine looks both fun and a joy to use. Well I need to make a decision whether I go for the new Sony Clie model, stick with my Palm m505 or go for this.......................decisions decisions. Anyway onto Handsprings next new joy to be born. The Treo 90.

The Treo 90

OK this has pretty much the Palm features as the 270, again its so slim, light and a joy to look at. I think that this is an excellent handheld to purchase, the color screens look beautiful. I think if I was going to purchase my first Palm handheld then this would be the one. Handspring blesses us with the Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia Cards (MMC) options. Well done to Handspring for bringing two excellent handhelds. Look out for further comment from me on these handhelds as the weeks go by.

OFF TRACK: Keeping track of your visitors - Sammual (webmaster)
Anyone who puts together a website will know that it can be difficult to obtain professional web stats about your site. Well I have been searching for some time to get professional stats recorded about my site. I am pleased to say that I discovered a tracking site called: Web-Stat. It's powerful, records a lot of data and offers excellent support. In fact Oliver from Web-Stat sorted a problem out for my account, it was my mistake, and within minutes I was up and running again. Anyway if you have a website then I strongly recommend Web-Stat. Now back to the world of Palm powered computers....................
USER STORY: Handera thoughts - Jane Fothergill

My Palm history - got my first Palm Pilot Professional in 1997. Moved on to a Visor Deluxe in 2000 ish. After the first one broke - the Visor's aren't any where near as Robust as the Palm Pilot Pros where and then the second one was nicked I moved onto a Handera 330 in September 2001.

It's the best Palm device I've owned. The screen is really good, and I'd rather have the higher quality screen, than colour. Although, both would be wonderful. Having both CF and MMC format card slots is a good bonus - although I
haven't run any devices of it yet.

NEWS: Jane & Richard's Gadget Reviews - Sammual (webmaster)
Jane who submitted her thoughts on the Handera above has some excellent Palm reviews including the Handera and other Palm powered handhelds. Take a look at her site, I enjoyed reading it. I will certainly be adding their site to our list of links.
USER STORY: In the family - Jon Dewbar
So we are all anticipating what Palm has to offer over the next few months especially in light of the months leading up to Christmas. I have been happy with a m515, and use it for many different reasons. As a teacher for St Gregory's University, I'm lecturing 60% of my teaching week. I need to organize my time so my m515, organizes my free time around busy lecture spots. My wife, Jordon also has a Palm, she owns a slightly older m505 after upgrading from a Palm V, which by the way she adored. She is a funny creature, despite the Palm V, being a non color screen, she really would not upgrade to the 505. She was very possessive, and really could not see much benefit with upgrading. However, I purchased the 505 for her birthday last year, so obviously she could not refuse. She adores it now. In fact our son Jamie who is 17, is now the owner of her Palm V, so its a kind of keep it in the family. Has anyone else passed down their Palm PDA's to other members of the family?
WEBSITE: Some reasons why Palm applications are better than Pocket PC applications - Andrew Wolstenholme
Jørgen Sundgot, from Infosync, takes a very good look at why Palm OS applications are better than Pocket PC applications. However don't let that fool you, there is scope for Pocket PC applications to get their act together and overtake Palm applications. Read the full article by clicking on the above posting link.

EDITORIAL: Blackjack spends away the hours - Sidonie Harding

I'm no big card games but I love to gamble on Blackjack. I could sit for hours playing on this great version for Palm powered computers. Most people now what the idea of the game is, being the first to get to 21 without going bust, (exceeding 21). It's a fun game that requires just as much luck as logic. Anyway take a look at this simple version from Redtail Software, its a good implementation of the card game. This version carries a good amount of preferences. The game is shareware being priced at $14 and can be downloaded from Palmgear. Hours of addiction I think!

Monday, May 27
COMING TOMMOROW: Gambling on your Palm (well almost) and handing your Palm through the family - Sammual (webmaster)
I'm posting a great user story tomorrow about a user who seems to be upgrading his Palm and then giving them on to his family...........you will see what I mean tomorrow. Sidonie Harding is posting a few words on one of her favorite games, Blackjack, although she admits to not being a gambler....right Sidonie, whatever you say! Anyway we will take a look at what other news stories Palm websites are covering in our regular column 'in the news', however from a sunny UK evening at 9:39pm, until tomorrow, to all Palm users across the World, we will see you tomorrow
THOUGHT: Coming up - Sammual (webmaster)
We have some good features and editorials coming up over the next few weeks, Andrew Wolstenholme will be looking at SimCity to see whether the game is worth the money. Sidonie will be taking a look at Quickoffice, whilst I take a look at the advantages using Wordsmith. Jason Stewart gives us his views on various email clients and tells us what his favourite email application is........so much to look forward to, although so much editorial work for me....oh well, all the fun of putting this website together ;-)
EDITORIAL: Let me introduce you to the most addictive Palm game that I have played - Sammual (webmaster)

3 Peaks is a game that I have just gotten adicted to this week. Your goal is to clear all of the cards piled in three peaks. The longer the streak of removing cards from the three peaks is, the higher the score you get. I must admit that this is one of the most addictive games that I have played on my Palm. In fact on Friday night, I was playing this game well into the early hours. I only like games that keep high scores for some reason. This way I can compete with myself over time, this game has it all. Once you have cleared the way for one round you are provided with a new pile of cards and then you have to clear them. This game is shareware for $5.00 and can be downloaded from Palmgear.

USER STORY: Jumping the ship - Sion Edward Jones
Having owned a Pocket PC myself for some time, I got a little bored of the features and functions that my Jornada offered. I dfo like the way Pocket PC's allowed me to send attachments with my mail but I could not justify the price of the Pocket PC, when a Palm could do so much more for me for less money. That being said, I always had curiousity and wanted to purchase a Palm, but felt that I had to stay loyal to my Poicket PC, however I could not stay loyal for ever. April of this year I 'jumped ship' and joined the Palm community and have not looked back ever since. There are a couple of issues that I miss, but the raft of software that is available certainly makes up for it. In addition has anyway felt how heavy Pocket PC's actually are? Compared to a Palm, they are like a brick. Anyway, I am so happy with my Palm that I wanted to share it with you. I do not look back and will certainly not be jumping ship again.
THOUGHT: Still cannot make up my mind - Sammual (webmaster)
So I cannot decide whether I want the new Sony NR70 handheld or stick with my Palm m505, and see what Palm has instore. I really like the look of the new machines. The screen looks impressive, the ability to type using the built in keyboard also appeals to me as I find myself typing editorials and other work. So the keyboard is going to come into it's own. The large screen will also be of use, especially when I am typing up long editorials and I need the screen space to see what I have typed up. Although the camera does not appeal to me the great design and the advantages that come with the design do. I have read the reviews on other websites and I am seriously considering purchasing a Clie. However I do wish to see what Palm has instore for us. We should be at least seeing some kind of speculation soon about Autumn / Winter releases on the run up to Christmas. However can I wait that long? Not sure. One thing is for sure I think my curiousity is getting the better of me, I will let you know how I get on.

Sunday, May 26
WEBSITE: Website dedicated to the Palm V - Andrew Wolstenholme
Although it looks a little out of date Palm V users may find this site to be of some sort of benefit. It's dedicated to the Palm V, I'm presuming the web site is originally French. Although the site is a little outdated you can find some information of use. Anyway we will be adding it to our site linkings.
WEBSITE: SPUG reviews the Sony NR70 - Sammual (webmaster)

Jackson has let me know that that the SPUG, posted a fine review of the Sony NR70 handheld sometime ago. I checked it out and it has some good information for those that may be considering purchasing one.


THOUGHT: TECHXNY in New York City - Sammual (webmaster)

Well I have my ticket to visit the Techxny in New York, next month at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Unfortunately my flight from the UK, will get me into New York for lunch time which does not give me much time to jump into Manhattan, and tour the exhibition, but hey that's life. However if anything was to go by, especially last year as I was there then, a good time should be had. Apart from seeing all the great Palm exhibits, I love collecting all the information and promo material. I love to absorb and read it all. If anyone is going there for the full three days or even the full day, then enjoy yourself, in the meantime in case I get there a bit late, (doors close at 4pm, on Thursday) if anyone can save me a Palm goodie bag with all their promo material, I would be grateful ;-) Lots of ehibits and seminars will be on show. Get the latest and register for free. Dates are from Tuesday, June 25 - Thursday June 27. There is also a website that you can visit. Click on the posting title to visit the TECHXNY website.

NEWS: Palm may not be losing ground to Pocket PC - Sammual (webmaster)
Thats right and they are the words of Jon Fortt from the Mercury News in an article published yesterday. He debates that Palm is not dead, it is looking at ways to innovate and surpass the recent surge in Pocket PC sales. It is a good article, it does give me inspiration and encouragement when I read articles like this.
COMING TOMMOROW: TECHXNY and decisions decisions - Sammual (webmaster)
Right I didn't get a chance today to let you know of a game that has got me gripped on my Palm at the moment, so I'll get around to doing this tomorrow. Andrew Wolstenholme, tells us about his favorite email application. I'm going to be talking about TECHXNY in New York next month, which I attended last year and it was good to see a strong Palm presence. To be honest I'm confused, not sure about the new Sony NR70, I really do want one, but I cannot help hanging onto see what Palm has instore and 'up it's sleeve'. I'm going to try and put my thoughts down on the site tomorrow. Decisions, decisions. Anyway here's to Monday.........................
NEWS: Wassup, another 'today' style application - Jason Stewart

It was only recently that we reviewed a 'Today' style application. Well good news, there is now a similar application. Wassup resembles the 'today' screen that is commonly used on Pocket PC's, it contains and shows vital information, everything from diary events through to emails unread. You get the picture. You can get the download from Palmgear.

NEWS: Anyone in the UK, please note there is a Palm meet - Sammual (webmaster)

Regular Palm handhelds meetings, with regular Palm prizes are held in London on a regular basis. Details are as follows. Venue: Upper floor function room, Fountains Abbey pub, 109 Praed St, London (100yds North-East of Paddington Station), Tel: 020 7723 2364. The meetings are run by Steve Litchfield from the 3-Lib website, where you can get further information.
USER STORY: 505 to load all my contacts - Adam Farrow
As a 505 user I wanted to explain the meany reasons to why I use a Palm. I'm a bank clerk, for a financial institution, and use my 505 for various reasons. Firstly I have over 200 contacts, and no I am not showing off but I need to keep in contact with these people for business reasons. They are kept in my address book.

Now I thought that I could get away without having to use one of those fancy, overcomplex Datebook's but how wrong I was. I tried out Datebk and was hooked instantly. I do not know how I have coped without it to be honest. I enjoy a good game of tetris for those free times, and use a complex leather case to keep my 505, SD cards and my credit cards safe.

WEBSITE: Palmattitude - Sammual (webmaster)
Here is a website that we will be adding to our links pages, Palmattitude.org. It's a french Palm website, very good content, and excellent forums. Obviously it is in French, however for those that lack the knowledge of the french language, I have run the site through the Google translator, and it has provided me the site in English. So go, take a look at Palmattitude.org.
THOUGHT: Looking forward to Launcher X - Sammual (webmaster)

You know I am soooo looking forward to the launch of 'Launcher X' If you have not seen the sneak preview yet then here is a picture to give you a taster of what's to come. I love Launchers, I love to organize all my Palm applications, check battery and memory status and generally stay on top of things. That's why when the new Launcher X is officially launched, I will be ensuring that it finds a home on my Palm. In the meantime you can check out Launcher III, which is my present the launcher on my handheld, which when released, X, will naturally take over it. You can get the download from Palmgear.

WEBSITE: "push" e-mail service on Treo's - Andrew Wolstenholme
Found this good article written by Walter S Mossberg from the Wall St Journal taking a look at Treo Mail, and the ability to 'push' email to you in similar ways to the i705. Walter S Mossberg looks at the pro's and cons to Treo Mail, and discusses briefly, up and coming new Treo models.
WEBSITE: Prices of color handhelds has dropped - Andrew Wolstenholme
Janice Chen, Editor in Chief for CNET/ZDNet Reviews has written a piece on ZDNet about how the price of color Palm's has dropped considerably over previous months.

Saturday, May 25
THOUGHT: Exciting times are ahead for Palm users - Steff Ryan
It can be difficult to keep up to date with what Palm models are being released. However at the moment, it's hard to see that Palm's share in the market will be damaged as a new breed of Palm powered handheld's hit the market. What with the new Sony Clie range and news that color Treo's are planned to hit the streets over the forthcoming days. These are certainly good times for Palm users. Only six months ago, speculation was rife that Palm powered handhelds had seen the day. Were the sceptics wrong? Well, never say never. However top range handhelds will hit the streets, and Palm has plans for upcoming models from the rumors flying around. There is no shortage in software being released, and even if the end of Palm's success was 'around the corner' there is enough software outthere to satisfy most Palm users. But there is no reason to be miserable. Great hardware products are within reach. I, myself look forward to a color version of the i705, I may never see one, but I can only hope, and yes I am aware that it may sacrifice battery power, etc, etc. One thing is for sure, exciting times are ahead for Palm users.
NEWS: Treo range to be introduced over the forthcoming week? - Sammual (webmaster)
According to the C/Net news site, the new color range of Treo phone/Palm powered PDA's will hit the shelves this week. Treo 270 will be the color version and we make it's debut priced around the $500 mark. Click on the above link to read the full story.

NEWS:Westlaw Wireless to go - Andrew Wolstenholme

Legal research to go sounds a good idea, saving you the trouble of carrying those large and hefty text books with you wherever you go, and that's what Westlaw Wireless is meant to do. Westlaw Wireless allows you to bring up vital legal information through your own browser, on your Palm handheld whatever that may be, allowing you to deal with the situation in hand. Amazingly, this service offers even more. You can get the PQA downloaded for free from Palmgear.

EDITORIAL: Smart cases for your m5** series Palm - Sidonie Harding

Smartercase have an excellent range of Palm cases for your 500 series Palm handheld in various designs, and at good prices too. Many designs from patriotic American Flag design, and with ample room for SD cards. Take a look at their website by clicking on the posting link above. There are designs there that I am sure suit everyone's taste.

COMING TOMORROW: Palm addiction games and bluetooth frustration - Sammual (webmaster)
We have some interesting features coming tomorrow, Steff Ryan contributes to the site and tells us that times are looking good for us, Palm users. Well, today a reset knocked the bluetooth settings on my 505, crazy, for some strange reason I was unable to connect. However after three painful and frustrating hours, my 505 is talking once again to my Ericsson mobile phone. So I am a happy man. Who says modern technology does not bring it's own problem. I must confess that I am addicted to a great Palm game at the moment. I will reveal all tomorrow, in the meantime it's late here in the UK, I wish you a pleasant evening and catch you all in the morning.
NEWS: Sony Clie PEG-NR70V and Bluetooth availability is almost here - Sammual (webmaster)

Well it must be Sony Clie day today, as many of todays postings feature heavy on the Clie. But I wanted to let you know a couple of things. Firstly Expansys, the online PDA store based in Manchester, UK, will have stock of the Sony Clie PEG-NR70V in around ten days, priced at £420.55, UK pounds. Now, for those that want to access Bluetooth on their new Clie, and are unsure on where to get hold of a Bluetooth card, then again, Expansys say they will have stock within the next 7 - 10 days, priced accordingly at £170.38. This is good news for those in the UK and US. Expansys are well recommended and I have used them without fault on a number of occasions.

WEB SITE: Photographs of the Clie Sony CLIÉ NR70V - Jason Stewart

By now most of you will have seen photographs of the Sony CLIÉ NR70V however if you want to see more photographs, in various angles then you should check out this great Japanese Clie Website. There are various, well put together photographs. Click on each one to get a closer 'zoom in'.

EDITORIAL: upIRC, is as good as what people say - Sammual (webmaster)

I noticed Shaun at ClieWorld has been featuring upIRC lately and decided to take a look at it myself. For those that use IRC, then this is a good addition to the Palm community and offers some excellent features which I will go onto in a minute. However it is worth pointing out that a Palm, whatever model is nor really designed to be used as a chat utensil. However if you think that Palm's were originally only designed to be PDA's in the first place, I think the Palm community has done well to extend the barriers of development. So on to upIRC, I can see it being a great means of communication for those using Bluetooth or the Handspring Treo. So what features can you find in upIRC?
- DCC chat support
- Join up to 10 channels (2 in shareware version)
- Auto-completion of common commands
- Logging of display text to DOC database
- Shortcut lists for servers and channels
- One-tap shortcut for entering nicknames
- Flexible command shortcut system

As Shaun has rightly pointed out in ClieWorld, the program now runs great on the Clie as it has been adapted to run on it's hi-res screen . With the price being $10, and the software only being 79k, for those that use IRC as a chat client then I do not think you can go far wrong. To read more information and to obtain the download, go to the Palmgear page for upIRC.

NEWS: Gadgeteer reviews the new Sony CLIÉ NR70V - Sammual (webmaster)

The girls at Gadgeteer have an excellent review (as ever) of the new Sony Clie NR70V, with exciting photographs and superb coverage of the new model. You know I am getting really excited over this new model, and I really want to go out and purchase a model when they become available in the UK, however I am wondering whether I should wait for the new Palm model that is rumored to be hitting the shelves later this year. Well I'm not sure, but click the above link in the posting header to read Julie and Judie excellent review on the Gadgeteer site.

IN THE NEWS: Palminfocenter gives news that Sony will announce the PEG-T650C in Japan this weekend and news of BeamDial which is a new wireless dialer for Palm handhelds that works with any analog telephone.ClieWorld has news of ComicGURU Suite 1.0 being released which allows your Palm to be turned into a virtual comic book Whilst issue 2 of ClieWorld Magazine is currently under development. Ensure that you check out these websites for the best in daily news and coverage.

Friday, May 24
EDITORIAL: A remote keyboard.....mmm, now there's a thought - Sammual (webmaster)
I heard the other day and started reading about a new keyboard that doesn't connect to your Palm, it uses IR to send over the information that you are typing into the Palm, which I thought was a good idea? How does it work, well think of it this way. You have a fold out keyboard, and an additional stand. Place the Palm in the stand, and place it in front of the keyboard. Start typing and your off. Best of all this seems to work on all Palms that have access to an IR port and it also seems to work on Pocket PC's too, again with an IR port. There is a rather good photograph and write up on the Infosync website.
THOUGHT: How long till my next Clie is 'out of date'? - Jeff Logan
I just want to add my thoughts into a much debated subject. I understand that Palm wants to innovate and introduce its OS to as many hardware manufactures as possible, but there are so many on the market that it's madly confusing. Take the Clie. Am I wrong but are there constant updates regarding the number of machines they produce? There seems to be so many. Once you purchase a Clie from Sony, it seems to me that it is simply out of date within a short amount of time. Do people know how frustrating that is? It seems to be a lot of money drained. I know that Sony are producing some great machines, but please allow me to get the best out of my handheld before it's ditched and you bring a 'newer' and better model out. I wish Palm could innovate just as good as Sony. Do not get me wrong, Palm bring out excellent Palm machines and despite what people think they market them good and allow them to sell before replacing them with something new. But if Palm handhelds had the same functions as Sony, then I would be out there today spending my money, knowing that my Palm would at least not be taken over by a better and newer model within a month or so. Anyway I thought that I would share my concern to one and all. After all this is a site for the Palm community.
SITE NEWS: Coming next, even though its 01:30am in the morning, todays postings will include...........one 'angry' man - Sammual (webmaster)
Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are. Here in the UK, its 01:35am, and I'm off to bed, it has been the launch of the UK version of Big Brother, the addictive game where you watch 12 housekmates share a house for the rest of the Summer, 24/7, Britain is hooked, this is the reason being why I am up so late. However in the morning, once I have awoken, fresh for the day ahead ;-) amongst the editorials and pieces I will be posting will be something from Jeff Logan. He will be arguing that every time he purchases a new Palm powered handheld it's out of date in a matter of weeks. Sounds like he isn't a happy chappy.Anyway I'll post his piece later on today. In the meantime hope you are all having a great weekend.
NEWS: Remote control for Windows NT/2000/XP systems, right from your Palm - Sidonie Harding

Fancy taking control of your computer from your Palm? Well this may well just be able to do it from Mobile Administrator.
Mobile Administrator provides you with the resources and the power to control your computer from anywhere, using your nternet connected Palm. See the link above for further details.

NEWS: Win a Palm or Clie - Sammual (webmaster)
Its competion time where you can win a Palm or a Clie. All you have to do is co-operate and assist the deveolpers, ritemail:
"To continue improvements in our riteScript handwriting recognition technology, we’re gathering samples of handwriting in English using riteMail electronic ink email - and you can help! Here’s all you do to qualify for a chance to win a Sony Clie, a Palm m130, or an iPAQ Pocket PC (winner’s choice):"
SITE NEWS: The Gadgeteer - Sammual (webmaster)
Any day now The Gadgeteer website will review the Sony NR70V so keep an eye out for it. The Gadgeteer is one of my favourite review sites. For an example take a look at their review of the i705.
EDITORIAL: If your looking for a simpler datebk interface - Emma Harding

For those that do not want an overcomplex Datebk should look at Avenga DateBook. It offers a simple but detailed interface. Features include:
Gives you effortless Control of your DateBook.
Appointment scrolling by Day, Week, Month or Page.
Add, Change & Delete in Find mode.
Drag and Drop column guides
Powerful one repeat facility
Superbly Easy to use.

In conclusion there are icons and to-do views enabiling the user to get the 'most out of their time'. Avenga DateBook is shareware and is priced at $15. You can obtain further information and the download from:

NEWS: Independent study shows that Palm saves enterprises over 40 percent compared to it's Pocket PC counterparts - Andrew Wolstenholme
An independent study shows that shows that the Palm OS platform delivers a 41 percent annual cost savings to enterprises when contrasted with the Pocket PC platform. Mmmmmm sounds like Palm is stepping up it's appeal to enterprise's it certainly is giving them higher priority on the Palm website. You can read the full press release by clicking on the news posting header above.
IN THE NEWS: PalmInfocenter leads with a number of good stories including 'talk' of a new Kyocera Palm/Smart phone, the Treo 270 is thought to be introduced next week, and the sites usual roundup of news clippings. Meanwhile ClieWorld looks at the possibility that Sony said it will not bring out a European model of the NR70, and talk of a new program called DeepReader Beta v1.1. Ensure that you check out these websites for the best in daily news and coverage.
WEBSITE: More clip on keyboards - Jason Stewart

Thanks to Scott Samson for the source. If you own a Samsung I300 phone, then take a look at this little beauty. It just clicks on and off you go, that's right it's a great little portable keyboard, that allows you not only to use it as a Palm keyboard but let's you type in your SMS messages. In addition they offer a wide range of keyboards for various Palm models including Visors and 500 series of Palm computers. Click on the post heading to visit their website for info and prices.

WEBSITE: Singapore Palm Users' Group - Sammual (webmaster)
This is a site that you are going to want to bookmark for future reference. SPUG, as it is more commonly know is not only a great website it's also a pillar of strength for those in the local Singapore area with user meetings and a wealth of other benefits to offer. However I do like the site, it makes for a good read and is certainly one of those sites you bookmark for future reference. We have also added it to our links page which takes the total to 219 Palm links.
Thursday, May 23
USER STORY: The Clie NR70/NR70V will tackle Compaq IPAQ's head on - Scott Samson
As a Palm user, and an avid one at that I can certainly say that I am looking ahead and forward to the release here in the UK of the new Clie from Sony that not only can it turn itself 'inside out' but is turning heads world wide. When I first saw the model on the internet I wanted it, however, I presumed it was either going to be rather expensive or just simply a pipe dream. I am pleased to say that the Sony Clie will be released in the UK shortly with in fact UK sellers taking advance orders.So I will be trading my m515 in for the new Clie NR70V. Once I have gone out and purchased one I will let you know how I get on. However I believe that the new Sony certainly has the potential to tackle the Compaq / HP Ipaq in the Pocket PC wars. This will certainly be the Palm contender.
NEWS: Treocentral has been born - Andrew Wolstenholme

Treocentral a 'spin off' from Visorcentral has been launched. The site is dedicated to being a benchmark reference site for Treo users and contains up to date news, tips, software listings and a forum for Treo users.


EDITORIAL: Thumbpad keyboards - Andrew Wolstenholme

For those that type a lot, one of my favourite keyboards for my Palm is in fact this excellent Thumbpad from Seiko. You know how it is, you have a large document to write and then when you get home you forget, you've missed something out, so to save you from having to switch the PC on, you get your Palm out and jot what you needed to say down, however, I find it quicker by using a Thumbpad. I just snap it on press the application button, and then type away. My productivity has increased because of this great portable thumbpad. The thumbpad fits a number of Palm handhelds including:

Palm V and Vx
Palm m500
Palm m505 & m515
Handspring Visor

I can really get up to fast speeds typing. I find that after I have used it for a while, I tend to make very few mistakes.

THOUGHT: Typing Aids - Sammual (webmaster)
Andrew's short editorial of the Thumbpad keyboard from Seiko made me think that I had seen quite a good comparison write up on the internet, and now I have found it. Although written in the 'Fall' of last year, it is still up to date and should give the novice or those who are undecided on a suitable typing aid the ability to make up their minds on which typing aid would work best with themselves.
THOUGHT: Google link for Palm Users - Rik Stienworth

You may not be aware but there is a direct 'Google' link for Palm users which can be found at http://www.google.com/palm
I just thought that people browsing directly from their Palm would like to know this.

SITE NEWS: Making us quicker - Sammual (webmaster)
Ten out of ten for those that have noticed the site design change, however at the same time you should notice that it is quicker to get on to the site. The 'slow down' was due to the links being posted on this page so we have moved them here, and you will always find a perm link just below the banner graphic above. In addition we have joined forces with Palmgear to provide you with the best in software downloads. So thanks for their support. Finally, many thanks to the emails we receive especially from Palm users sharing stories we will certainly post them all on the site over the forthcoming weeks, in the meantime keep all your news, views. stories and opinions coming into us, by emailing me here.
IN THE NEWS: Marks Palm Place leads with new software to enable Palm users to get the best out of their Palm via a training CD, you will be able to watch, listen and follow along. Meanwhile PalmInfocenter breaks with news on a new Kyocera Palm / Phone. The article which shows a good picture of the proposed phone has a color screen and a clamshell design. As always PalmInfocenter brings you the breaking news and you view the news story here. ClieWorld has some good news today firstly an interview with the developer of UpIRC, Brian Smith, and news on Handmark's Scrabble in addition to other news postings..
NEWS: Palm's offer better battery life - Sammual (webmaster)
Future Palms running the new OS5, will offer Palm users better battery life and faster processing arcording to a news article on ZD Net News. In the London PalmSource Forum, users were shown Palm's forthcoming capabilities by showing a real-time MPEG video encoder-decoder and small video camera running on Palm OS 5 and a DragonBall MX. I personally am looking forward to the new capabilities and I am sure that the forthcoming Palm OS will certainly give Pocket PC a run for it's money. You can read the full article here.
NEWS:Wireless riteMail for Palm OS Announced - Jason Stewart
According to this article on 'allnetdevices' The Pen&Internet division of Parascript yesterday announced wireless connectivity for its riteMail application on Palm Powered products. riteMail now takes advantage of all wireless connection methods for Palm OS(R) based products, whether through wireless modems, Palm OS smartphones, 802.11 access points, or data transfer between Bluetooth-enabled Palm Powered products and Bluetooth-enabled phones or desktops.You can read the full article here.
USER STORY: real wireless communication at it's best - Scott Moore
Ive gone through around four Palm computers and loved each one, the only reason I have gone through four handhelds is because I have upgraded each model and gone onto the next. I am a total Palm addict. I'm studying at the moment and use my latest Palm the 515 to help as a study aid, which is does neatly. I use Wordsmith and a Seiko thumbpad, very handy for writing those long lecture notes which I can then synch with my PC when I get back to my apartment. I use Action Names to get on top of all my work and forthcoming deadlines. The ability to carry out work, read the local newspaper or send email to my friends whilst on the way to college is fantastic. It's real wireless communication at it's best. Thats what I love so much about Palm computers.
EDITORIAL: Spending my time playing Dartz - Sammual (webmaster)

When I downloaded Dartz I was skeptical. You see I’m not the greatest fan of Palm games. Not sure why just never have been. I always believe that my Palm is essential a business tool to help productivity rather than a games console. However recently I have had a great urge to download games to my Palm and try them out and I have actually enjoyed them. One of the games is Dartz by . Essentially you get the board, and three darts, a multiple number of various Darts games, skills options and the opportunity to pit your wits against the computer.

Plating the game is great. Throwing the darts is sooo realistic well as much as it can be by playing on a Palm and after playing for a good five minutes you do get the hang of darts throwing. My favorite darts game is 250 where you try and beat the component to reach 250 the first. Fun and quite difficult and after about 35 games I beat the computer but don’t let my lack of success put you off as I had the settings on difficult and obviously my results showed.

In conclusion if you want a good game to play on your Palm then this Dartz is both addicting and exciting and offers the user the ability to play the game for hours on end and for me anyway without getting bored. You can download Dartz from the Palmgear website.

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